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At Urban Talks, we bring smart and sustainable solutions for cities.

We educate. We connect. We inspire.

Urban Talks were created by UrbanizeHub out of a simple need of connecting innovators, leaders, changemakers and companies who share the same values and dream of a better world. Through their Urban Talks, they inspire us to get involved in projects that shape the future of our cities.

Timisoara 2018

This year’s edition is being realized in a innovative partnership that brings together UrbanizeHub, Banat IT and West University of Timisoara. International Experts, Mayors, Multi- National Companies, Start-ups, Tech Specialists, Arhitects, will be part of third edition of Urban Talks debating about future cities.

Day 1 : UrbanTalks Conference – 28 September

  • Cluj, Timisoara & Oradea Mayors roundtable
  • Speakers from World Bank & European Commission
  • International Experts from Holland, Sweden & Finland
  • 3 tracks : SMART Cities, Sustainable Cities, Creative Cities
  • 2 panels : Leaders of Public Administration & Businesses

Day 2 & 3: Hackathon/Datathon – 29-30 September

  • Innovation Hackathon for private & public sector
  • Datathon focus on data collections

Why a Hackathon/Datathon?

We believe that technology will shape the future of cities, so we invite non-governmental organizations, authorities, companies or individuals to propose technical solutions to situations that can be improved during the two days of Hackathon / Datathon. The concrete ideas will be collected and selected in the pre-event phase through the website www.civicDev.ro

Let’s shape the future cities togheter.


Smart cities

Sustainable Cities

Creative Cities

Featured Talks & Speakers

We believe in Innovation and Continuous Learning and we are connected by our shared knowledge, our dedication to sustainability, and our passion for building a better future.

Alex Glod

Senior Trainer and TEDx Speaker

Colin Whitfield

Business Dev & Evangelist @ META

Saskia Beer

CEO and Founder at TransformCity®

Andreea Idriceanu Calev

RoRec Communication Manager

Oana Giurgiu

Executive Director at TIFF

Ilie Bolojan

Oradea Mayor

Gratian Mihailescu

UrbanizeHub Founder

Dan Bugariu

UpgradeMyCity Co-founder

Karl McFaul

The Modern Group TMG Founder

Titi Ertiö

Digital civic engagement researcher

Marius Cristea

World Bank Expert

Alex Petrovici

Association of Romanian Cities

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