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At Urban Talks, we bring smart and sustainable solutions for cities.

We educate. We connect. We inspire.

Urban Talks were created by UrbanizeHub out of a simple need of connecting innovators, leaders, changemakers and companies who share the same values and dream of a better world. Through their Urban Talks, they inspire us to get involved in projects that shape the future of our cities.

Cluj Innovation Days 2018

The next edition of Urban Talks is part of Cluj Innovation Days, and it will feature inspirational talks focused on the challenges cities face in the near future and the opportunities we have to make our cities friendlier – both to people and to nature.

Digital Revolution and the fourth wave of smart growth
Digital transformation is the new buzz concept, threatening the – until recently – undisputed reign of Innovation. Lately, the two have become synonyms or, in many cases, they condition each other in a very fuzzy relationship: you cannot have innovation without at least some degree of digitalization, but digital transformation is a consequence of being innovative.

This year’s edition is being realized in an innovative partnership that brings together UrbanizeHub, Cluj IT Cluster and Loopaa.


Smart cities

Urban mobility



Featured Talks & Speakers

We believe in Innovation and Continuous Learning and we are connected by our shared knowledge, our dedication to sustainability, and our passion for building a better future.

Alex Glod

Senior Trainer and TEDx Speaker

Colin Whitfield

Business Dev & Evangelist @ META

Cornelia Dinca

Sustainable Amsterdam Founder

Daniel Homorodean

CEO of Arxia

Radu Ticiu

CEO at Timisoara Startup Hub, Founder of CoderDojo

Saskia Beer

CEO and Founder at TransformCity®

Vitor Pereira

Smart Cities Vision Designer

Andreea Idriceanu Calev

RoRec Communication Manager

Oana Giurgiu

Executive Director at TIFF

Tudor Ionescu

Senior Workplace Adviser CBRE

Mihai Paduroiu

Head of Advisory & Transactions Services CBRE

Silvia Lascu

Project Manager at Banat IT

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